Web3 Con Canarias

The Conference for Web3 Entrepreneurship, in Canarias

15th of April 2023 - Come participate in intimate talks, workshops, and surfing!
Saturday 15th April
Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife
From 20€
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The CAnarian experience

Come participate 1 full day of intimate discussions,

interactive workshops, and memorable island adventures

with other Web3 entrepreneurs.

Get to know our speakers from Web3 and Canarian ecosystem

ufano Gallego

DevRel (Blockchain & Web3) | Full stack developer @ Matter Labs | zkSync
Full-stack developer and blockchain enthusiast with +15 years of experience in software engineering and web development.
Antonio worked on small personal websites and side projects, to full-fledge web applications and complex projects built with microservices and REST APIs.

He's currently working as a developer relations engineer at Matter Labs, helping the team scale Ethereum with zkSync.

Cedric Shan

Head of Business Development of Kucoin Community Chain (KCC)
Cedric is the Head of Business Development of Kucoin Community Chain (KCC). He came from a business and political science background.

He knows the power of crypto to change the world and how this revolution could change the world. Since his immersion into crypto, Cedric has helped fuel growth stories for many trending projects.

As a KCC GoDAO member, he leads with a mission to expand the boundary of web3.


IT Blockchain Consultant - Supply Chain, Enterprise & Healthcare @ Accenture
Andrea has worked in IT Consulting for the past 5 years, currently at Accenture.
As an IT consultant, Andrea has been involved in blockchain implementations for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.  She's now a resident of Tenerife while continuing to work remotely on international projects.

Andrea will discuss some of the main successes and challenges faced in the  development of complex, international and enteprise-level project.

Javier Gonzales Ferrer

CEO and Co-Founder @ COCOBAY
Building the next generation of virtual worlds on web3.

Passionate about community, data and blockchain.
Before Cocobay, Javier was data scientist and product manager at Cabify, Amadeus and Lurtis.

Caroline Johnová

CEO and Co-Founder @ WAGMI Guide
Caroline Johnova is a tech leader and CEO of WAGMI Guide, a platform that simplifies the use of Web3 technologies for events and attendees.

She is also the founder of "Women in Web3 Travels," which empowers women in the web3 space by connecting them with one another and encouraging exciting experiences and events.

Her mission is to foster a progressive culture and democratize access to capital, particularly for women and minorities.

Daniel GarcÍa

Co-Founder & CTO @ Plastiks
Passionate about the environment and software development with a proven track record in high performance computing.

A strong believer in disruption driven by computing high performance, committed to the era's main societal drivers of change: sustainability and blockchain and crypto currency.


Founder @ Canary Green
John founded Canary Green in 2010 to inspire and promote climate change solutions and sustainable development happening in the Canary islands.

He is passionate about the ways more and more local businesses operate in order to be future proof and offer sustainable solutions on the islands. Together with them, Canary Green aims at creating a more sustainable future and protecting the environment.

John has a strong background in digital communications as well as a keen interest in sustainable tourism.

Marisol ARAya diaz

Founder @ Ladies In Business and Consultant
Marisol Araya Díaz is a project management professional with 8+ years of experience, a business consultant, and a leader of the Ladies in Business Tenerife Group.

She's also an avid traveler, fitness and nutritional enthusiast, and believes in using technology for social good.

Raphael Magno Jacinto Garcia

Founder @ Fuerteventura DAO
Ambassador @ Tenset.io
Raphael, or Tito, is an all-rounded individual with a passion for life.
As a father, skateboarder for 21 years, ambassador for Tenset.io, martial arts practitioner for 18 years, music lover, and founder of Fuerteventura DAO, Tito is a passionate advocate for the development of the DAO ecosystem. He loves to experiment with different genres of music and explore different cuisines from around the world. He is no stranger to taking on new and challenging projects and his varied skills and experiences have enabled him to become a multi-talented individual.1

Mark Mhl

Founder & CEO @ MHL Solutions. Blockchain advisor specialized in tokenomics
Mark is a blockchain advisor specialized in tokenomics development with over 7 years of experience in the space.

Founder of MHL Solutions, which provides blockchain consulting services for Web3 funders and investors.

Oliver Tervit

Oliver a NFT consultant/educator
Oliver helps individuals and organizations navigate the evolving NFT space, from educating on blockchain technology and NFTs to providing complete strategies on minting, marketing, and selling digital assets.

With proven and tested methods to maximize profits, he is the ideal teacher and guiding force for all aspiring NFT traders and creatives who want to enter web3 strategically.

Get onboard to explore the world of web3, blockchain, and everything you need to know to master NFTs.

TOni gtn

Crypto Trader, Ambassador @ Traders Island
Toni has been in the market since 2017.
Experienced cryptocurrency trader and industry expert. With a deep understanding of the market, Toni has developed proven strategies for navigating the market and its emotional pitfalls.

JUanma DIAz

Manager Ambassador @ Kucoin Community Chain
Immersed in the Blockchain world since 2014 he has gone through all phases of frustration and knowledge of this ecosystem.

Active member of the Spanish-speaking community, he is especially focused on promoting the adoption of this technology, with an emphasis on all decentralised and self-custodial structures.Ambassador and Community Manager of Kucoin Community Chain since 2021.


Product Manager @ Bolero Music
Co-Founder @ Web3 Island Makers
All things tech and entrepreneurship for 10 years. Gladly chats with you about the next thing we're going to decentralize together 😈


Tokenomics Engineer
Co-founder @ Web3 Island Makers
Mattia is a driven and dynamic professional with a passion for new technologies and their application to business.
💻 He thrives in environments where I can learn something new every day.
🧠 He's able to independently seek out the resources needed to solve problems and learn new skills.
📚Enthusiastic about web3 and its applications.

Steve Mariani

Project Lead @ Traders Island
Co-Founder @ Web3 Island Makers
Steve Mariani is a product and organization builder with over 10 years of experience as a General Manager and Organization Leader.

He has built commercial digital businesses from scratch and scaled them to reach millions of happy customers worldwide.

Now leading the development of Traders Island, Steve is focused on the perpetual futures narrative.

ISIDRO Quintana

Founder & CEO @ Triple0Games
Isidro is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and Blockchain Teacher at Oxford University.

He has founded and sold a mobile game startup and worked with major companies such as Disney, Warner, Marvel, DC, Mattel, Activision, Garfield, and Crayola.

He has been featured worldwide by Apple and has co-founded a crypto fund DAO with no fund delegation.


  • Welcome
  • Talks & panels
    Canary Islands: an emerging ecosystem for entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads
  • Talks & panels
    Web2 professionals: How to get into Web3?
  • Talks & panels
    The keys to build a sustainable Web3 ecosystem
  • Talks & panels
    Launch your Web3 project 101: community, tech and methods.
  • Pitch
    Pitch contest: best Web3 startups of WCC
  • Closing Party

April 15, 2023
hotel Vallemar, Puerto De La CRuz

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What is Web3 Con Canarias?

Web3 Con Canarias is a gathering of forward-thinking individuals and organizations dedicated to shaping the future of the decentralized web. This conference aims to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and thought leaders to explore the latest trends, technologies, and business models driving the growth of the Web3 ecosystem. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that have the potential to change the world for the better.
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Your ticket gives access to the hands-on workshops and intimate nightly discussions. Dinner and drinks will be included each night.